Build up STEAM with Maker Spaces!

With schools now targeting STEaM (a = ARTS) initiatives to promote computational thinking, systems thinking and design thinking to future proof student learning – Maker Spaces are here!


As a new initiative it may feel like its a retro fit to some teachers, who have always championed an integrated curriculum that embeds  designing, constructing and reflection but with the release of the upcoming Science and Technology K- 6 syllabus Maker Spaces will lead the way for creative classrooms to thrive.

These are our Four simple steps before you begin on your merry maker space way:

#1 Connect your interested teachers, students and parents to assist in the development of your school action plan. Reach out to your professional learning network for resourcing ideas, policy considerations and scheduling. Organise Staff Development Days and Community workshops to promote curriculum connections and drive ownership of the program.


#2 Curate the many online resources available to schools already. Don’t attempt to reinvent the wheel, explore the tools and learning sequences made available through the Digital Technologies Hub, or CSER MOOC


#3 Create a culture of learning that invests in student collaborative projects. Look for new learning models like Olsen’s 12 Principles of Modern Learning or investigate design thinking approaches and agile learning.


#4 Collaborate with the growing community of experts and build partnerships that will allow sustainable growth of an active maker space in your school. Check out Code The Future or explore links to Mens Shed or Newcastle’s own ME Program. For more information about maker spaces try Maker Spaces Australia

Build the foundations within your school that will lead to success.

For further information contact

Download: Maker Spaces – 4 Simple Steps To Start

STEAM AHEAD pd (1).png


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