Parents want to talk about how their kids use technology.

My recent interactive session with a very active and interested parent group in the north had all the right questions.

Yes, questions, not answers. With the ever changing landscape of technologies it is not always possible to provide one formula that parents and carers are looking for when it comes to computers, gaming or social media.

Parents need to be able to talk openly with other parents about their concerns, understandings and current knowledge of devices,  online activities and screen time.

There is no, single right approach to technology use in all homes, but every family should be asking questions.

Parents need to ask “What works for us? ” or “How will we incorporate technology into our family’s lifestyle without compromising on time for offline activities?”

Talking together as a family allows each person to express their thoughts and allows everyone to arrive on the same page. Clarify what you mean by responsible use of tech and set clear expectation of the members of the family. It is as important to role model responsible use as it is to discuss and communicate with our children. 

Technology is an important tool for our children. Ask questions. Get involved. Share their enthusiasm. The best way to create safe digital kids is to explore and play in the digital world with them and for them to know you are open to questions – anytime.

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