Creating Safe Digital Kids

Reach out to your parents with great workshop opportunities!

At Whole School Partners we pride ourselves on working holistically with school communities to create and support learning opportunities for our children.

Is your school vision to improve student outcomes through parent engagement?
Are you looking for more ways to extend your community reach?
Would your parents like more information around Australian Curriculum and its synergies to local curriculum?
Is your school looking to deliver a 1 to 1 technology solution across the school or a student cohort?

Then it’s time to empower your whole school community!

Let Whole School Partners support your leadership team to develop sustainable professional learning models for staff and deliver hands on sessions for your parent community.

We will work directly with your School Council or parent group to unpack the latest in 21st century pedagogies.

Workshops or information sessions can be scheduled by your Principal or School Council and held at your local school.

Workshop outline

We address the  cyber safety issues parents have and explore resources now currently available to support parents.

In a relaxed and supportive learning space parents/carers will:

– Learn about the many creative apps and software available to your child at school.

– Discover new features and apps to use with your child.

– Look at the research on appropriate screen time for children when using devices?

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