Tech and Play for Parents

Introducing our latest offering for parents and carers – Tech and Play sessions for parents

With the competing events of daily life Whole School Parents understands how difficult it is to attend school time events let alone make time for yourself.

Principals, join the many Victorian and NSW schools who are inviting Whole School Partners to present school twilight sessions for their parent community.

It is our aim to support parents and carers in unpacking the questions that arise from their child’s use of new technologies. We will cover topics including creative thinking and play based learning to screen time and cyber safety. You will have opportunities to discover educational apps and software programs and learn what digital content their is for your child to explore across curriculum areas.

Tech and Play for Parents

Outlines for our hands on session are available on request by schools.

Schools can choose from: 

Workshop A: Where does technology fit with your child’s learning ?

We unpack the Australian Curriculum for primary aged students and review online resources now available for students at home and school.

Parents will be provided with a range of resources they can use at home with their child for both desktop and mobile devices.

Workshop B: What apps can support your child’s creativity and critical thinking?

Parents will learn about the many creative apps and software available to their child.

Parents will participate in a hands on workshop to build a digital story and explore the potential of programming, robots and games to enhance their child’s learning. 

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