Whole School Action

Models for Learning

We are looking to create change and cradle conversations across the whole school community.

We believe it is important to support parents and students as they shift towards understanding 21st century skills and now offer workshops to unpack technology tools for parents and their child.

Schools preparing modern learners are adopting key competencies to embed across teaching and learning practices. Our courses are designed to cater for flexible groupings and model current best practices.

We also include implementation support of the ICT planning tool and eLearning planning if required by schools.

Contact us to discuss your school’s needs and we will customise our partnership program to support your whole school action plan.

We offer:

Whole School Partners support  across a school term or semester:

Initial consultation with Principal

  • NESA accredited Teacher mentoring sessions including digital technologies curriculum , support for asia capable schools and connected curriculum workshops
  • Student workshops around the latest digital technologies curriculum, esafety and collaborative based learning models.
  • Parent workshop and information session:

Options for parent sessions include:

  • Creating Safe Digital Kids session
  • Tech and Play for Parents session
  • working with their child during school time to become familiar with their BYOD devices
  • a hands on a workshop for parents to unpack the schools BYOD program and digital technologies strategy
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